Buying your first home can be a very exciting time with plenty of information to learn. Always be Careful it is you who needs to make the many decisions that lead to which property you buy and perhaps more importantly, which properties not to buy.


First Home Owner Grant and NSW Government concessions

The FHOG provides assistance to Australian citizens and permanent residents when building or purchasing their first home. The FHOG is tax-free, is not means tested and there is no upper limit on the value of the property purchase. To receive the FHOG, each applicant must comply with the eligibility criteria. Criteria for qualifying applicants and properties vary in each State and Territory.

Your First home is what you have been waiting for so it should be a joy not a nightmare. A building and pest inspection will let you have PEACE OF MIND.


Property Search Engine- First home buyers grant

How Much can you borrow.

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is a one off payment of $7,000 offered to eligible first home buyers on the purchase or construction of their first home. The FederalGovernment currently offers a boost to the First Home Owners Grant and it was extended until December 31 in the 2009 Federal Budget. The boost is being phased out as follows. From 30 June 2009 until 1 October 2009, the boost will continue at $14,000 for the purchase of existing properties and $21,000 for the purchase of newly constructed properties. Between 1 October and 31 December 2009, the boost to the First Home Owners Grant will be halved to $10,500 for existing properties and $14,000 for newly constructed properties. The First Home Owners Grant will revert to a flat $7,000 as at January 1, 2010.

NSW Government grants and concessions.

In addition to the Federal Government’s First Home Owners’ Grant, the NSW Government offers three additional grants for eligible first home buyers: New Home Buyers Supplement, First Home Plus and First Home Plus One. New Home Buyers Supplement

The NSW Government announced at the end of May 2009 that it would extend the New Home Buyers Supplement until 30 June 2010. First home buyers building a new property or purchasing a newly-constructed property that has never been lived in before, who are also eligible for the federal government’s First Home Owners’ Grant, will also be eligible for an additional $3,000 grant in the form of the NSW New Home Buyers’ Supplement. As with the boost to the First Home Owners’ Grant, the supplement will cover newly-constructed properties, contracts to build, off-the-plan purchases and owner-builder construction. Conditions do apply regarding time-frames for construction.

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