Mould Inspections

We offer sydney wide pool inspections we will help you look at all areas of the pool as some areas are not checked when a pool is certified like the pool equipment you need to know what it will cost before you buy, we will also help you with.

  • Identify safety hazards and major defects is a very high priority.
  • Identify live termite, old and new timber pest damage is also a high priortiy.
  • Identify lack of maintenance and repairs.
  • Identify bad renovations.
  • Identify and Deal with problems in your existing home before you buy so the current owner can fix them before you purchase the property.

Get peace of mind from knowledgeable pest and building inspectors that has first class experience in inspecting properties in your local area.

Get professional Photos with every inspection so you can see what needs repair or replacing.

We are a fully licensed and insured, pre purchase pest and building inspection company and we won’t to give you the buyer, confidence and peace of mind in your first or new home purchasing decision.

  1. All Interior of the property
  2. All Exterior of The Property
  3. Subfloor or basement areas under floors.
  4. The interior of the Roof void.
  5. Exterior of roof void we check for cracking and much more.
  6. Retaining walls, fencing, steps, driveways and pathways, landscaping,
  7. Garages, carport ,pergola, awning.
  8. And Much More

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