Buying your first home is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

It is a major decision that takes planning and research, and the right inspections.

5 Tips to buying your first or next home

  1. Decide what you can afford
  2. Top features to look for:
    Property must be water free, Little to no leaks, Foundations with no to little movement. A clean and maintained property will always have less problem’s.
  3. Check the Property Potential And Location.
    A quiet suburban location, A poorly presented property in a good location.
  4. Properties to avoid.
    A property that looks too good to be true?
  5. Get a pest and building report.

It is strongly recommend this will identify any major defects.

If you are considering purchasing a New Sydney – City Property

There are several ways to get well-informed before making your decision on which property to buy.

We can organise your Swimming Pool, building and timber pest inspection reports to ensure you save the maximum dollars for your property Purchase.

Avoid having your dream property turn into a nightmare.

We Inspect All readily and safely accessible areas of your Sydney property.

Sydney Pest Building Inspectors are Here to Help you.

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